Monday, 9 February 2009

Chess Sets For Schools

Many words have been said about the ECF's Chess Sets For Schools project. This was a very well-meaning attempt by the ECF to get ten free chess sets into every school in the country, which has not yet succeeded for reasons beyond their control. Justin Horton gave a very good summary of it here, which is the state of play as of November 13 last year. Not much has happened since then. The project is still technically alive, but there are no sets to show for it.

Now Barnstaple Chess Club could do with some new members, so we've come up with a plan. Gareth Ellis of Liverpool is offering ten chess sets for £40, including delivery. We're willing to do a deal with any local school as follows: if they supply us with £40 worth of membership (which would be a year's membership for two staff members, one staff member and two pupils, or four pupils), then we will supply them with ten free chess sets.

Any volunteers to phone North Devon schools with this offer would be greatly appreciated.

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