Friday, 5 December 2008

4NCL, it's fun to play in the 4NCL...

Yes, it's one of those weekends again; I am off to play in the 4NCL. Let's hope I can repeat my feat of last time and beat another grandmaster.

My team, Bristol 1, are currently bottom of Division 1B; our second team are fourth in Division 3. The seconds will be hoping to keep up their good form to make a push for promotion; the first team will be engaged in the usual desperate struggle against relegation. Our opponents this weekend will be Gambit ADs and Barbican 2, both strong but beatable.


Anonymous said...

Fun? Is that why we do it?? At least we got one win over the weekend, need to keep it up now!

Nice blog btw Jack

John C

Jack Rudd said...

Thanks, John.