Saturday, 13 December 2008

A game from the 4NCL

This game, a win by me against a Scottish IM, proved to be critical in Bristol 1's 4NCL match against Barbican 2 on Sunday; we ended up winning 4½-3½.


ejh said...

This position is a curious one: it doesn't look as if white has any advantage, but something happens over the next few moves to alter this. Perhaps the problem is that it's difficult for black to find a constructive plan; his pieces don't seem as if they have obviously better squares to go to.

Is it perhaps more that Black can't really open the position (to get at the uncastled king) without benefitting the White bishops more than any of his own pieces? This isn't entirely unusual in Nimzo-Indians.

Jack Rudd said...

That may well be the case. You probably know the Nimzo-Indian better than I do.