Friday, 12 December 2008

Coulsdon Christmas Internationals

Next week, I will be out of the area, at an international chess tournament. This is not unusual for me. What is unusual, however, is that I am not attending as a player, but as an arbiter.

The event in question is the Coulsdon Christmas International; the CCF run three international events a year, and a number of players have got title norms or FIDE ratings from them, as you can see here.

There are two points of North Devon interest here. The first is my attempt to get myself a FIDE Arbiter norm. The second is the attempt of Roger Hutchings, who has emerged from retirement this season, to get himself a FIDE rating. To get a full rating from the event, he has to get at least one point with John Torrance also getting at least one point. If John Torrance fails to score one point, Roger can still get a partial rating, but he then needs to score at least one point against the rated players.

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